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Rev. Dr. Kara Hawkins

The Rev. Dr. Kara Hawkins is a lifelong apprentice of the traditional Grandmother Ways of a family tradition going back generations. Her mentor, and the mentor of this tradition is Jimm GoodTracks, author of numerous manuscripts and books relating to the language, culture and spirituality of the Ioway-Otoe-Missouria people. Hawkins serves as Head Cook for the ceremonials, and is authorized to lead its family lodge. In the Kansas City community, Hawkins serves as Elder and Ceremonial Leader for the Kansas City Pipe Circle, a American Indian Spirituality based group that began in 1986 by Nate Scarritt, a seven-year Bear Tribe apprentice who had been asked to start the Pipe Circle in Kansas City by Sun Bear (1929-1992).

Hawkins is the American Indian Spirituality faith director in this council, and oversees the Speakers’ Bureau. A board member of the Institute for Spirituality in Health at the Shawnee Mission Medical Center in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, Dr. Hawkins participates in its Clergy-Physician monthly dialogues. Hawkins has collaborated on numerous writing projects including a resource manual for pastoral care givers, “Finding a Sacred Oasis in Grief,” by the late Steven L Jeffers and Harold Ivan Smith, and a spirituality desk reference for health care providers that is in the planning for publication by Radcliff Publishing in the near future. A musician, poet, and singer, Hawkins educates through her voice, her music, her ceremony and her son.

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