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Bill Rose-Heim

Originally from New York, Bill has served in the Midwest for all but four of thirty-five years of ministry in Roman Catholic, Presbyterian and Disciples of Christ traditions. He serves as Regional Minister and President for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Greater Kansas City where he works with pastors and lay leaders of eighty four congregations.

Rev. Rose-Heim, a graduate of Rockhurst University and St. Paul School of Theology is married to Donna Rose-Heim (also an ordained minister) and is the father of five children. Bill is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and has also served for 15 years in emergency services as a certified firefighter, chaplain and instructor. He was co-chair of the Missouri Governor’s Faith Based Organization Disaster Initiative Committee and President of the Missouri Interfaith Disaster Response Organization (MIDRO) and continues to serve on the Executive Committee of MIDRO.

He was elected to the Cameron City Council in 2013 and served on the Economic Development and Public Safety Committees until he was called to his current position in November, 2015. He is active in the Kansas chapter of the Metropolitan Organization for Racial and Economic Equity and is a volunteer with Kansas City for Refugees.

Interfaith collaboration has always been a high priority for Bill who believes that the challenges and opportunities before the global community require recognition that every person has an essential contribution to make to the common good and the health of the world.  The diversity and mutual respect offered by the members of the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council provides a great context for planning and coordinating activities that promote greater understanding and inclusion.