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Barry Speert

Barry Speert is a Jewish interfaith educator whose interests extend far beyond religion. In addition to teaching biblical studies at Baker University and Saint Paul School of Theology his background includes work as a nonpartisan political analyst on such stations as KMBC-TV9 and KCPT-TV19. The Kansas City Star has identified Barry as “a resource to talk shows and reporters.” Faith columnist Bill Tammeus has called him “an active Jewish voice in Kansas City for interfaith dialogue.”

Barry currently serves as moderator for Interfaith News & Reviews, GKCIC’s current events discussion group. He brings a highly ecumenical approach to everything he does based on the example set by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel during the 1960s with regard to civil rights and world peace. Barry has a master’s degree from Yeshiva University where he learned to conduct socio-economic research and a bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University where he was a schoolmate of Tim Russert.

Published as a guest columnist in the Kansas City Business Journal and featured as a speaker at the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, some of the news stories Barry has become associated with include the Robert Courtney pharmaceutical malpractice case, the “ground zero mosque” controversy in New York City and disaster relief efforts following the Greensburg, Kansas tornado. His research on the Greensburg tornado was published in the National Guard Association’s national magazine.

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