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Parliament of The World’s Religions Impact

The Parliament of World’s Religions, which took place in Salt Lake City, UT, October 15-19, was only the sixth of its kind since 1893. Women began the five-day journey with the Opening Plenary on Women’s Human Rights and Dignity. Fortunately, this theme carried over for the rest of the five days.

12045433_10156161095440481_3731088350665477738_oThe six plenaries offered focused on: Women, Climate Crisis, Hate Speech and Violence, Emerging Leaders, Income Inequality and Indigenous Peoples. Through the speeches and genuine call to action from the leaders in every plenary, as a woman, I felt connected in an entirely new way to my gender. The Parliament’s purpose was clear: it was not gathered to exchange ideas and be a self-congratulatory panel of experts. It was here to charge us with a mission and present the women of the world as a uniting force to end violence and curb climate crisis, not just through action and words but by harnessing our personal and collective power, derived from the Earth, through energy and relationship.

The speakers, moderators, attendees and facilitators were able to weave all six of the grand Plenaries into a story of interconnectedness that united not just men and women, but all forms of life and all spirits and energies of worship. The totality of this task was not small. Yet, through the convictions, mission and hearts of all those involved, the unity of purpose, to Reclaim the Heart of Humanity, this year’s theme, was achieved.

Indeed, after listening to Pagan Priestesses, Muslim Imams and Scholars, New Thought Philosophers, Indigenous Elders, Professional Protesters, Victims of Hate Crimes, Protestant Ministers, Eco-Philosophers, Poets, Scientists, Naturalists, Biblical Scholars, Rabbis, Monks, Priests and Nobel Peace Prize Winners, just to name a few, I have more hope and trust in humanity than I ever had.

I am inspired, overjoyed and galvanized to create a better Earth and a better relationship with all of humanity, by using my own personal power and by connecting with the power of those around me. It was a blessed event and one I shall never forget.

by Carrah Quigley

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