Mosaic in Motion

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 • 5:30 – 8:30 pm
Westin Crown Center

We live in an exterior world of constant change… a complex, beautiful and changing world, a world in which each change has the potential to bring humankind ever closer to an ideal of harmony. Every religion has its own special color, texture and shine. Together, the many faith traditions of the world join into a beautiful, complex pattern of spiritual wholeness.

While diversity provides the color, faith is the foundation, the grounding that allows us to revel in these colors, secure in our place in the intricate pattern of life while being a joyful part of an intricate, harmonious, spiritual whole.

Since 1989, we have had the opportunity to grow and create educational programming to celebrate religious and cultural diversity in the Kansas City area. In these ever changing times, understanding people of different faith traditions and other backgrounds is necessity to create and maintain harmony in our community. The Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council is committed to building the most welcoming community for all people.

The Table of Faiths event is our invitation to look within our own faith beliefs and spiritual practices to see how the emerging wisdom gives rise to a our individual and collective commitments to the future we are creating together for all life.

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